Uptime & Heartbeat Monitors
Uptime Monitoring
Complete uptime monitoring at your hands - setup in minutes.
iLert's uptime monitors allow you to quickly setup monitoring for any kind of exposed service e.g. HTTP (e.g. websites), ICMP (ping) or TCP and UDP servers.

Creating a new uptime monitor

Setting up an uptime monitor is matter of seconds and as they seemlessly integrate with iLert's alerting platform you instantly benefit from on-call duty and other known features.
To create a new uptime monitor head to Uptime monitors and choose Create new uptime monitor.
When creating a monitor you may choose the region from which the uptime checks will be made. Uptime monitor checks are always backed from multiple locations inside of a region to ensure alerting correctness. E.g. if you select region Europe your primary uptime checks will be made from Frankfurt, however if any of the Frankfurt checks identifies an issue a secondary opinion is gathered from Dublin if this check confirms the issue and alert will be created and you will be alerted.
You can also see these single checks in the Check result log tab view.

Uptime monitor reports

A monitors detail view offers flexible zooming in and out of the response graph starting with the creation of your uptime monitor. You may choose to share your Uptime monitors status at any time publicly using the Copy shareable report link to clipboard link.
In case you want to prevent others from seeing the shared link at a later time, you may revoke the link using Regenerate report URL.
The Uptime log shows all status changes in a condensed table view.
Every uptime monitor has a related alert source that is used to manage alerts created by failed uptime checks

Automatically managing uptime monitors

Note that uptime monitors can be fully managed using iLert's API. The API even offers to create shareable links to automatically build status dashboards.

Frequently asked questions

From which locations do I have to expect uptime checks?

Currently when choosing iLert's Europe region you should at least expect checks from Frankfurt and Dublin. When choosing iLert's United States region you should at least expect checks from Virginia and California.

How can I detect HTTP uptime checks?

The checks will always contain the user-agent HTTP header. The header value will always start with : iLert

How can I detect TCP/UDP uptime checks?

You may provide your own id-value for On connect send when creating your uptime monitor.

I cannot rely on user-agent headers for my firewall, is there a way to whitelist ip addresses of the checks?

Basically it is not possible to whitelist the ip addresses for all of our agents, as there are just too many IP blocks that may change at any time. However we do offer static IP agents in our Premium plan - the static ip addresses are listed here.

I am looking for uptime checks from a specific region / country?

Please feel free to reach out in case you have any questions regarding uptime monitoring and our regions / want to request new regions.