Get started with ilert Apps

ilert apps allow you to extend your alerting, on-call and status page experience with custom functionality and integrations build by you or other ilert users.

App connections

In the connections overview you can see all applications that you have granted access to your account. You may see their last activity as well as revoke their access.

Revoking an app's access invalidates the refresh token of the app, its current access_token stays intact until it expires. It can therefore take a few minutes until the app no longer has permissions to access the granted data.


To create your first application, go to the Applications tab and click on Create new application.

You may choose a name and description for your app. Please note that you cannot change the name of your app later.

You may choose to limit your app to your own ilert account, while testing or in case your app is only ment for your organization.

After clicking on Create application, you will be taken to the edit view of your application that allows you to adjust futher settings:

ilert Apps use OAuth2 for user authorization - in our next guides we explain what that means and how you can setup native or web applications as well as backend driven applications.

Understanding OAuth2Developing a web or native App with OAuth2 and PKCEDeveloping a Backend App with OAuth2

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