Token lifetimes, error codes, app verification, etc.

ilert OAuth2 scopes

By default each scope grants read permissions to the described resource. You may request write (granting you read, create and edit permissions on the resource) as well as delete permissions (granting you read, create, edit and delete permissions on the resource).


You may request multiple scopes by separating them with a space.

Like so: profile service:w offline_access

OAuth2 endpoints overview

OAuth2 error codes overview

OAuth2 lifetimes and numbers

If you are building a backend application and it is verified, your refresh_token lifetime may be changed so that they never expire. Please reach out to us.

App verification

We would love to hear about and verify your applications, feel free to reach out to us, as soon as you are ready.

Other info

Do not rely on a users email address without being sure it is verified, or your application might be open to attacks where the email address is mimiced on the authorization server.

Use the username or the user's id to verify account ownership in your app.

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