SignalFx Integration

With the ilert SignalFx integration, you can create alerts in ilert based on SignalFx alerts.

SignalFx enables real-time cloud monitoring and observability for infrastructure, microservices, and applications by collecting and analyzing metrics and traces across every component in your cloud environment. Built on a massively-scalable streaming architecture, SignalFx applies advanced analytics and data science-directed troubleshooting to let operators find the root cause of issues in seconds.

In ilert: Create a SignalFx alert source

  1. Go to the "Alert sources" tab and click Create new alert source

  2. Enter a name and select your desired escalation policy. Select "SignalFx" as the Integration Type and click on Save.

  1. On the next page, a Webhook URL is generated. You will need this URL below when setting up the hook in SignalFx.

In SignalFx: Create a search

  1. Go to SignalFx and then to Alerts. Create a detector or edit an existing detector for triggering alerts.

  1. Choose the rule that you would like to apply, then click Edit. In the Alert recipients section, click Add Recipient, select Webhook -> Custom...

  1. On the modal window paste the Webhook URL that you generated in ilert and click on Update

  1. Finished! Your SignalFx alerts will now create alerts in ilert.


Will alerts in ilert be resolved automatically?

Yes, as soon as an alert with "ok" has been resolved in SignalFx, the associated alert in ilert will be resolved automatically.

Can I connect SignalFx with multiple alert sources from ilert?

Yes, simply add more recipients in SignalFx alert rule.

Can I connect single alert source with multiple SignalFx detectors?

Yes, simply use the alert source URL in the recipients setting for each SignalFx detector.

Can I create a webhook template for the recipient setting so I don't have to copy the alert source URL every time for each detector?

Yes, use the webhook integration template in the Data Setup -> Integrations -> Webhook page

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