Static schedules

Static schedules work like regular calendars and do not support recurring shifts. Use simple schedules if you have no recurring pattern in your on-call organization and want to regulary update your schedule.

Create a static schedule

To create a static schedule, navigate to On-call schedules, click on Create new on-call schedule and chose Create static schedule.

Enter a name for the schedule, pick a timezone (by default the account-level timezone) and choose a default shift duration. The default shift duration is the duration of a shift that is set when you drag a user to the schedule. Follow the instructions below to create shifts.

Creating shifts

Shifts can be created in two ways:

  1. By dragging users from the left and dropping them to the calendar on right

  2. By selecting dates on the calendar. To do so, click and drag your pointer over some dates (see below).

As in recurring schedules, only one user per schedule can be on-call at a time. Also note that you shifts cannot be created retroactively.

Gap detection

If your on-call coverage is 24/7, we recommend to activate gap detection by selecting Show gaps when saving. In this case, you will get a warning when you are about to create a schedule with gaps.

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