Managing call routing alerts

Get more insights on how to deal with call routing alerts.

Managing alert resolution

By default calls that have been accepted by an agent will be resolved when a caller hangs up. If you do not want the alerts to be resolved automatically after the call, because you might want them to be escalated further, you may choose this option to leave the alerts open.

Automatically notifying at a later support time

When routing a call routing number based on support hours, you may choose to auto raise the alerts priority (resulting in an additional escalation at certain future point) in case one of your routing options targets the voicemail.

For example: if after office hours you do not want your callers to be routed to agents and instead send them to the voicemail, the alerts of your incoming calls be will re-escalated in a higher priority at the beginning of your office hours on the next day - resulting in your agents being notified and no alerts to be missed.

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