ServiceNow Outbound Integration

The ilert ServiceNow Outbound Integration helps you to easily connect ilert with ServiceNow.

ServiceNow is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) provider of enterprise Service Management (SM) software.

In ilert: Create a ServiceNow Connector and link to alert source

  1. Click the gear icon → Connectors

  1. Click Create Connector

  1. Select ServiceNow as type and fill out all fields.

  1. Switch to the alert sources tab and open the alert source whose alerts you want to publish in ServiceNow. Click on Alert actions → Create alert action

  1. Select ServiceNow as the type, select the connector created in step 3, fill in all fields.

  1. Finished! You can now test the connection by clicking the Test this connection button. A test issue is then published in ServiceNow.

In ServiceNow: Create an ilert user

  1. Go to the User Administration area

  1. Live an internal ilert user and click Submit

  1. Call up the ilert user page and click the Edit button in the Roles tab.

  1. Select the incident_manager role and click Save.


Are updates to an alert published in the ServiceNow Alert?

Yes, the status of the ilert Alert is shown in the title of the JIRA ticket, eg RESOLVED Host compute.infra is DOWN.

Can I choose which updates to an alert are published in ServiceNow?

Currently not. If you wish, we look forward to your feedback via chat or email.

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