ChatOps at ilert integrates seamlessly with two of the most widely-used collaboration platforms: Slack and Microsoft Teams. This allows you to harness the power of chat to streamline incident management and communication. Below is a brief overview of the core features and their functionalities. For detailed guides on how to use these features with each specific platform, click on the respective links.

Report incidents in the chat tool

Simplify incident reporting by allowing team members to report issues directly from their chat interface, without the need for an ilert account. Immediate reporting means faster response times.

Create dedicated incident collaboration channels

For major incidents, create dedicated channels to bring all stakeholders together. This centralized communication space ensures everyone is aligned and facilitates quicker resolution.

Receive and respond to alerts from your chat tools

Stay informed in real-time. Receive critical alert notifications directly in your chat channels, ensuring you never miss an important update. Amplify your response agility. From acknowledging alerts to re-routing them, handle all alert actions without leaving your chat interface.

Who is on-call lookup

Need to find out who's on-call? Quickly view the on-call schedule directly from your chat tool, ensuring you can reach the right person at the right time.

For detailed instructions on setting up and using these features with your preferred platform, please navigate to the respective guides.

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