Receive and respond to alerts in Slack

Connect your Slack workspace with ilert first

Before you proceed, please make sure that a global admin has connected your Slack workspace with your ilert account (as described in our integration for Slack guide)

In Slack: Add alert sources to Slack channels

  1. Open Slack and go to a channel to publish ilert alerts. Enter/ilert and press Enter:

  2. A configuration menu appears in which you can add alert sources to the channel.

  3. Select one or more alert sources from this list

  4. You have now linked an alert source to a Slack Channel.

  5. Create a test alert in the alert source in ilert. To do this, click on the link of the alert source in Slack (New Relic in the example above).

  6. A notice appears on the overview page of the alert source actions that alerts from this alert source will be published in Slack.

  7. Click on Create Alert (...) and create a test alert.

  8. A message is now published in the configured channel with the alert information. You can accept the alert within Slack or resolve it.


Are updates to an alert published in Slack?

Yes, the following updates for an alert are currently being published:

  • Escalations : An alert is automatically assigned to another user.

  • Manual assignments : An alert is assigned to someone manually.

  • Actions : An alert is accepted or corrected.

Can I choose which updates to an alert are published in Slack?

Yes, you can configure this in the altert source's Alert action settings.

Can I manage alert sources from private teams using the /ilert slash command?

No, alert sources of private teams can only be added via ilert's web interface, in the alert source's Alert actions configuration tab.

Why am I not seeing all of my Slack channels in the Connections UI?

This could be due to missing permission for private channels. Please try to invite the ilert bot for Slack into the desired (missing) channels and refresh the page.

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