SMS Integration

The ilert SMS Integration helps you to easily consume SMS messages

Our SMS integration lets you create alerts in ilert from incoming SMS messages. This feature allows you to send SMS messages directly to a dedicated number provisioned in your ilert account, which then automatically converts these messages into alerts. Here's how to set up and start using the SMS alert source in ilert.


Before you begin, you need to have the following:

  • An active ilert account with access to the Professional plan or higher.

  • The SMS alert source add-on purchased and active on your account.


1. Purchase the SMS Alert Source Add-on

To enable SMS alerts, first ensure that you have purchased the SMS alert source add-on available in your plan. This add-on is necessary to activate the feature and provision a mobile number specifically for your SMS alerts.

2. Provision a Mobile Phone Number

Once the add-on is active, contact ilert support at to request the provisioning of a dedicated mobile phone number for your account. This number will be used exclusively to receive SMS messages that will trigger alerts in ilert.

3. Configure Your Alert Source

After your number has been provisioned, you'll need to configure your SMS alert source in ilert:

  • Log in to your ilert account.

  • Navigate to Alert sources and chose the SMS alert source that was created by our support

  • Configure the settings for your SMS alert source:

    • Name: Give your alert source a descriptive name to identify it easily.

    • Escalation policy: Assign an escalation policy that defines how alerts from this source should be handled.

    • Notification priority: select a notification priority

  • Save your settings.

4. Test Your Setup

To ensure everything is working as expected:

  • Send a test SMS to the dedicated number.

  • Check if an alert is created in ilert.

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