HetrixTools Integration

Use intuitive HetrixTools monitoring in combination with ilert to never miss crticial issues

HetrixTools is a platform that provides uptime monitoring, server monitoring, and blacklist monitoring to ensure optimal performance and security of IT infrastructure. This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to connect your HetrixTools monitoring with ilert.

In ilert: Create a HetrixTools alert source

  1. Go to Alert sources -> Alert sources and click Create new alert source.

  2. Search for HetrixTools in the search field, click the HetrixTools tile, and then Next.

  3. Give your alert source a name, optionally assign teams, and click Next.

  4. Select an escalation policy by creating a new one or assigning an existing one.

  5. Select your Alert grouping preference and click Continue setup. You may click Do not group alerts for now and change it later.

  6. The next page shows additional settings, such as customer alert templates or notification priority. Click Finish setup for now.

  7. On the final page, an API key and/or webhook URL will be generated. You will need it later.

In HetrixTools: Create a Contact Webhook

  1. On the sidebar, click on Contact Lists.

  1. Now click on Add new Contact List.

  1. Enter a Contact List Name and expand the Webhook section.

  1. Enter the previously created alert source URL into the Webhook field.

  2. Optional: Click on the Send test notification to test the integration.

  1. Now navigate to the monitor you want to receive an alert from.

  2. Click on [No Contact List] to select a contact list.

  1. Select the contact list that was created in Step 3.


Will alerts in ilert be resolved automatically?

Yes, partially. As soon as the HetrixTools sends a notification with 'online' status, the corresponding alerts in ilert will be resolved automatically. Note that this will only apply to Uptime Monitors.

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