Honeycomb Integration

The ilert Honeycomb Integration helps you to easily connect ilert with Honeycomb.

Honeycomb is a tool for observability, designed to help developers understand and debug their software systems by providing real-time insights and detailed, queryable data about production environments.

In ilert: Create a Honeycomb alert source

  1. Go to Alert sources -> Alert sources and click Create new alert source.

  2. Search for Honeycomb in the search field, click the Honeycomb tile, and then Next.

  3. Give your alert source a name, optionally assign teams, and click Next.

  4. Select an escalation policy by creating a new one or assigning an existing one.

  5. Select your Alert grouping preference and click Continue setup. You may click Do not group alerts for now and change it later.

  6. The next page shows additional settings, such as customer alert templates or notification priority. Click Finish setup for now.

  7. On the final page, an API key and/or webhook URL will be generated. You will need it later.

In Honeycomb: Create a Webhook Trigger

  1. On the sidebar click on Account -> Team settings.

  1. On the next page click on Integrations.

  1. Now scroll down and click on Add Integration.

  1. In the popup window: Change the Provider to Webhook and choose a desired Name. Now insert the ilert Honeycomb URL and api key from the previous created alert source into Webhook URL and Shared Secret.

  2. Click on Add to save the integration.

  1. Optionally: On the Trigger and SLO Recipients section, click on Test, to send a test webhook to ilert.

  1. Now on the sidebar, click on Triggers.

  1. Select a desired trigger template. (This documentation uses Latency)

  1. Select a dataset and click on Next.

  1. After configuring the trigger, scroll down to the Recipients section and click on Add Recipient.

  1. Select the previously created webhook as Recipient and click on Add.

  2. Save the trigger.

  1. Optionally: In the triggers list click on the Test button to send a test webhook to ilert.


Will alerts in ilert be resolved automatically?

Yes, as soon as Honeycomb sends a notification with 'OK' status, corresponding alerts in ilert will be resolved automatically.

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