Mattermost Integration

The ilert Mattermost Integration helps you to bring ilert alerts into your Mattermost channels.

To set up this integration, you must have admin rights in ilert.

In Mattermost: Create an incoming webhook

  1. Go to the main menu and click Integrations

  1. Click on Incoming Webhooks

  1. On the next page click on the Add incoming Webhook button

  1. On the next page, name the webhook e.g. iLert, choose a channel and click on the Save button.

  1. Your webhook has now been set up. You will need the URL in the next step.

In ilert: Create the Mattermost Connector and link it to your alert source

  1. Click on the gear icon and navigate to → Connectors

  1. Click on Add Connector

  1. Select Mattermost as Type. Assign a name for the connector, enter the URL from above and save it.

  1. Go to the alert sources tab and open the alert source whose alerts you want to publish to Mattermost. Click Alert actions → Create alert action.

  1. Select Mattermost as the type, select the connector created in step 3 and give your connection a name.

  1. Finished! You can now test the connection by clicking on the Test this connection button. A test message will be posted in the Mattermost channel.


Can I link multiple Mattermost Spaces to an ilert account?


Are updates to an alert published in the Mattermost channel?

Yes, the following updates to an alert are currently being published:

  • Escalations : An alert is assigned to another user through an automatic escalation.

  • Manual Assignments : An alert is manually assigned to someone.

  • Actions : An alert is accepted or resolved.

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