iOS Critical Alerts Configuration

This guide explains how to configure your push notification preferences for iOS devices.

Note: this guide is meant for iOS users only. For Android, please refer to this page

Setting up critical alerts on iPhones and iPads

  • Open up the ilert mobile app

  • Open the main navigation (top left icon)

  • Tap on settings (cog icon, top right)

  • Tap on High priority notifications -> make sure iPhone Push Notification is selected in the list and that no delay has been configured

  • Navigate back to the Settings menu and tap on Push notification settings -> Enable Critical alerts for high priority

  • Choose an override volume for your critical alerts

Note that only high priority alerts will be deliverd as critical alerts. Alerts with low priority will use low priority notification settings

Are you an Apple Watch User?

When wearing your apple watch, critical notifications will not appear on your phone, but on your watch and they will not use the custom sound as well as override volume settings. To prevent missing alerts you will have to make additional adjustments to your watch's settings.

  • Open your Watch app on your iPhone

  • Navigate to Notifications

  • Scroll down in the list to find the iLert app and disable the watch notifications for the app.

This will enforce critical alerts to be send to your iPhone even if you are wearing your Apple watch.

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