Import metrics from Datadog

Create a Datadog metric data source

In Datadog

  1. Go to Organization Settings --> API Keys and click on New Key

  2. Give the Key a name (e.g. ilert metrics import) and click on Copy Key and paste it somewhere. You will need this key later in ilert.

  3. Go to Organization Settings --> Application Keys and click on New Key

  4. Give the Key a name and copy and paste somewhere. You will need the application key later in ilert.

In ilert

  1. Go to Status pages (or Incident comms) --> Metric data sources and click on Create metric data source

  2. Give the metrics data source a name (e.g. Datadog).

  3. Select Datadog in Type dropdown list.

  4. Select your Datadog region. You can identify your region by matching your Datadog website URL to the URL from the list.

  5. Enter the API and Application keys from above and click on Create metric data source.

Create a metric

In Datadog

  1. Find the the metric you want to import to ilert, e.g. by opening a dashboard.

  2. Click on Edit this widget

  3. In the Edit view, chose the graph you want to import and click on the </> icon to display the metric query

  4. Copy the metric query. You will need the query below in ilert

Note that metrics in ilert are are not dimensional. Therefore, only Datadog metrics without grouping can be imported. See the Datadog documentation on Anatomy of a metric query.

For example the following query is not supported

max:system.disk.in_use{host:app_prod} by {device}

while this query is supported


In ilert

  1. Go to Status pages (or Incident comms) --> Metrics and click on Create metric

  2. Select the Datadog metrics data source that you have created above and click on Next

  3. On the next screen, enter a metric name, a display unit and paste the metric query from step 4 above. Click Save to preview your metric data

  4. Preview your metric. You can make changes to your query and reload the data from Datadog. Note that once you have created your metric, you will no longer be able to change the metric query.

Further References

Here are the articles on how to connect Datadog and ilert: Datadog Inbound Integration Datadog Outbound Integration

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