Importing public status page subscribers

By default public status page subscribers need to confirm their subscription in the channel that they have subscribed too - a confirmation notification is send at creation.

When moving from other providers to ilert, you might want to migrate your existing subscribers that have already opted-in to their channels - without bothering your customers / subscribers with a resubscription.

In case you are an Atlassian Statuspage customer, you may use our import UI to move your status page resources to ilert (we do not recommend to do this, if you already have created a status page in ilert)

You may use the public status page subscription bulk API for this operation:

Send a POST request to{status-page-id}/subscribers_bulk?import=true
        "target": "+49171123123", // EMAIL, PHONE NUMBER, URL
        "type": "SMS" // EMAIL, SMS, WEBHOOK
        "locale": "en-GB", // en-GB | de-DE
        "services": [1, 2, 3] // optional list of service (id) restrictions (just leave out the whole key if not needed)

Do not forget the import=true query parameter, otherwise you will send out confirmation notifications to your subscribers! We recommend testing with your own sample targets first, before bulking through thousands of subscribers. We suggest sending a maximum of 100-250 subscribers per HTTP call.

Visit the web UI (Status page -> Subscribers tab) to confirm your import.

Note that removing a confirmed subscriber will send an unsubscription notification to the target.

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