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Uptime & Heartbeat Monitors
Rate Limiting
To provide a more stable throughput and fairness among different accounts in terms of resource consumption, iLert applies rate limiting to API and integration requests.
If a request exceeds the defined rate limit, the request is rejected with the HTTP status code 429 Too many requests.
The following rate limits apply:
Max Number of Requests (Limit)
Time Window
1 Minute
1 Minute
Integration Key (Alert source)
1 Minute
API Key (User generated)
1 Minute
Heartbeat Key
1 Minute
Exceeding a limit will cause a client to be rejected with 429 responses until a new window starts. There are no other consequences.
Clients may retry their requests on 429 responses with a backoff timeout, 10-30 seconds are suggested.
In case of integration key limits for alert sources, we will show a warning message on alert sources (and their related alerts) which limits exceeded. This message will disappear automatically after 48 hours.
In case your use-case requires a higher rate limit, feel free to reach out to us.
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