Getting started

iLert's incident comms product is a suite of capabilities to effectively communicate incidents to stakeholders and external users.

What is incident communication?

Incident communication is the process of informing users that a service is experiencing issues in a way that will likely impact the user experience.

Why use ilert's incident comms features?

  • Spend less time on manual incident communication and focus on resolving incidents.
  • Build trust with your customers by keeping your users in the loop during an incident
  • Reduce incoming support requests during incidents

The basics

  • Incidents are the main way to communicate with your users when you are experiencing user impacting issues with the services you provide to them.
  • Services model business capabilities to which subscribers can subscribe to receive updates about incidents. Any user in ilert can subscribe to incidents, services and status pages.
  • Status pages are one way to help you inform users about outages and maintenances of one or more service.
  • Metrics: Use metrics in status pages to showcase how well your services are performing. You can submit your own metrics data or import metrics from your existing tools (e.g. Datadog).