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Stakeholder engagement
Effective communication with stakeholders during incidents
This feature is no longer available to new customers
We have changed the way how stakeholder communication works and integrated the Stakeholder engagement feature into iLert's new incident comms features. Therefore, we no longer offer this feature to new customers.
Existing customers can continue to use this feature until March 31st, 2022, after which it will be entirely removed from iLert.
New and existing customers can use our new incident comms features instead.


With iLert's Stakeholder Engagement feature, you can keep stakeholders informed during an ongoing alert with minimal effort while focusing your time on alert resolution.
Use cases for stakeholders may include
  • Internal stakeholders within your organization, e.g. executives, the marketing team, customer support team, or other departments
  • External stakeholders outside your organization, e.g. if you're an IT service provider and want to keep your
    customers in the loop about an ongoing alert.
Stakeholders will only be able to see the alerts to which they've subscribed to and won't be able to see any other data, such as other alerts, alert sources, escalation policies, etc.

Group stakeholders into teams

We recommend grouping stakeholders into teams. That way, you can subscribe an entire team to an alert instead of adding every user one by one. E.g., you could create teams by department or business service, which also makes it easier for alert responders to decide who to inform about an ongoing alert.
To manage teams, click on the cog icon and go to Users and teams. Note that you need to have the admin role to manage teams.

Subscribe a stakeholder to an alert

Stakeholders - or any other iLert user - can be subscribed to alert by any alert responder within the web interface or the mobile app.
Before you add a stakeholder to an alert, make sure to change the alert summary text so that stakeholders will be able to understand the impact of the alert. On the alert page, click on Manage stakeholders of this incident.
After being added to an alert, stakeholders will immediately receive a notification using their preferred contact methods and will receive additional notifications for any of the following events:
  • a status update is posted on the alert with the checkbox Send as update to stakeholders enabled
  • when the alert is resolved


Where do stakeholder set their contact details and notification methods?

Stakeholders can log into our mobile app and change their contact details and methods. Any admin can also change the settings for a stakeholder.

What data will stakeholders be able to see?

Stakeholders will only see the alerts to which they have been added as stakeholders. They won't be able to see any other alerts and objects, such as alert sources, escalation policies, etc.
Mobile app screenshots when logged in as stakeholder:
Navigation menu
Incident view

Is there a way to automatically notify stakeholders about ongoing alerts?

Yes. You can add our Subscribe stakeholders alert action and configure it to trigger automatically. See here for more information.
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