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Azure Function Integration

The ilert Azure Function Integration helps you to easily connect ilert with Azure Function.
Beforehand make sure that you have created an Azure Function function in your Microsoft Azure project and got its public URL handy. You might also create an additional authorization value e.g. a secure random string that you are evaluating in the HTTP request Authorization header when you function is invoked by ilert, we actually suggest using this.

Create the connector

Go to the connectors tab of your account.
And create a new connector. Choose Azure Function as type (you may add the additional Authorization parameter as stated in the beginning of this doc.)
Click on save to save the connector.

Create the connection

Visit the alert source (view) whose alerts should trigger your serverless function. Navigate to the connections tab and create a new connection.
Choose Azure Function as type and select your previously created connector. Enter a name and the url targeting your public function. You may also customize the HTTP request body that is used to invoke your function.
Click on save to create the connection, you may test the connection in the following screen.