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Grafana Integration

Create incidents in iLert from Grafana alerts.

In iLert: Create Grafana alert source

1. Go to Alert sources and click on the Create new alert source button

2. Set a name for your Grafana alert sourc and select an escalation policy

3. In the field Integration type select Grafana and save.

4. On the next page, a Webhook URL is generated. You will need this URL below when setting up in Grafana.

In Grafana: Add iLert Webhook as Alerting Channel

1. In the sidebar, go to AlertingNotification channels and click on the New channel button.

2. Select Type webhook and in the field URL insert the webhookurl generated in iLert. Set the HTTP Method to POST.

3. Optionally test the integration by cliking on the Send Test button. Click on Save

4. Check if an incident has been created in iLert.

5. After the Notification Channel has been created in Grafana, add it to one or more graph alerts.

6. Switch to any dashboard of your Grafana installation and edit a graph.

7. In the edit view, open the Alert section via the left sidemenu and click on the green Create Alert button.

8. Fill in the desired condition and select the relevant iLert Notification channel under Notifications → Send to you created in steps 2 and 3. Do not forget to save the dashboard afterwards (in the upper right Navibar).

9. The integration is now set up!


Will incidents in iLert be resolved automatically?

Yes, as soon as an alert with "ok" has been resolved in Grafana, the associated incident in iLert will be resolved automatically.

What happens when an alert is paused in Grafana, is the associated incident also accepted in iLert?


Can I link Grafana to multiple alert sources in iLert?

Yes, create a Notification Channel per alert source in Grafana.