Lightstep Integration

Lightstep automatically detects changes to your application, infrastructure, and user experience to provide better monitoring and observability.

In ilert

  • Go to the "Alert sources" tab and click "Create new alert source"
  • Enter a name and select your desired escalation policy.
  • Select "Lightstep" as the Integration Type and click Save.
  • On the next page, an Lighstep URL is generated. You will need the URL for the webhook configuration

In Lightstep

  • Create a Notification Destination by clicking the Bell Icon on the left of Dashboard, and click "Notification Destination" tab and click "Create a Destination" and choose "Webhook"
  • Complete the webhook creation, by putting in the name and put the Lighstep URL that we got earlier in ilert dashboard on URL field
  • You need to assign the webhook destination to an Alert, if you don't have an Alert, you can create a new one, by navigating to Stream (Frequency Wave icon on the left side of the dashboad) and click the stream that you want to assign to
  • Create an alert by clicking the button on the top right of the stream dashboard, fill in the details, and assign the Notifcation Destination to the one that we created earlier
  • Upon clicking "Create" button, the alert should be created and the Notification Destination should be assigned, and when the condition met, it will create an incident on ilert
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