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Microsoft Teams Integration Meeting

Create Microsoft Teams Meeting from iLert incidents.

This connector is currently in BETA and will be accessable soon

In iLert

Admin permission required

To set up the integration, you must have admin rights in iLert.

1. Click the gear icon and then click on the Connectors link

2. Click the Add Connector button

3. On the next page, choose Microsoft Teams Meeting as type, name the connector and click on the save button to authorize iLert App with your Microsoft Teams account.

4. On the next page, agree with the requested permissions and click on the Authorize button

5. Go to the alert sources tab and open the alert source whose incidents you want to create Microsoft Teams Meeting. Click on the Incident actions tab and then on the Add new incident action button

6. On the next page choose Microsoft Teams Meeting as the type, choose the connector created in step 3, name it, choose Trigger mode and click on the Save button.

7. Finished! Now a Microsoft Teams Meeting will be created for each incident in automatic trigger mode or via manual incident action.


Can I link multiple Microsoft Teams Accounts to an iLert account?


How can I uninstall the iLert App from my Microsoft Teams account?

  1. Login to your Microsoft Teams Account and navigate to your team

  2. Click on the More options menu and then on the Manage team option

  3. Click on the Apps tab

  4. Find the iLert app

  5. Click on the Uninstall button