N-central Integration

Use N-ABLE N-central notification channels and service groups to create alerts in ilert.

Setup in ilert

Login to your ilert account and navigate to the alert sources list. Click on the Create a new alert source button
Enter a name for your new alert source and choose an escalation policy. In the dropdown for integration type tool search for N-central and select it.
Click on Save to create your alert source.
Your newly created N-central alert source will be opened, copy the N-central HTTP notification URL or click on the small copy icon right next to it.
We will need this URL to setup our N-central notification in the steps below.

Configure notifications in N-central

Login to N-ABLE N-central and navigate to the users menu.
Go ahead and click on the email address of the user for whose notifications you want to create alerts in ilert for. (We recommend creating a user just for this purpose, however that is not necessary).
In the user's edit view, click on the User Details tab and then on the Notification Method sub-tab.
Choose Add and create a new Third Party Integration - HTTP notification method.
Give it a proper name and paste the URL that you have copied from the new alert source that you have created in ilert from the steps above as Target URL.
Click on Save to create the new notification method.
Congratulations you have successfully connected N-central with ilert.

Ensuring that notifications from N-central reach ilert

To make sure that N-central events will reach your ilert alert sources it is important to verify all required assignments of users in N-central.
  • is your user part of an Access Group that is linked to the Device
  • is your user assigned as Primary Notification of the Notification Profile (Configuration -> Monitoring -> Notifications -> Choose Notification Profile of your choice e.g. Connectivity Failed -> Primary Notification -> Selected Recipients)


I am having issues creating an N-central user

You can find the official documentation here

I am having issues creating an HTTP notification method for an N-central user

You can find the official documentation here

How can I test alerts?

If you navigate on to the devices overview of your assigned access groups or that are using your notification profile, you may click on one of the devices to edit them and select the specific device's service that relates to your Notification Profile, you can edit the check in the Monitoring tab and reverse the check - this will usually trigger a notification.
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