Prisma Cloud Integration

Palo Alto Network Prisma Cloud Integration

In ilert

Create a Prisma Cloud alert source

Navigate to Services -> Alert sources -> Create new alert source (top right button) Choose Pa Prisma Cloud as integration type and create an alert source to your liking.
After the creation of the alert source you will be able to copy the generated url which will be needed to setup the integration in Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud.

In Prisma Cloud

Open your console and navigate to Mange -> Alerts You may also follow the official guide (which can be found here)
Create a new webhook alert and make sure to paste your alert source's url as incoming webhook url. We suggest the following template that should be used as custom json for your webhook:
"type": #type,
"time": #time,
"container": #container,
"image": #image,
"host": #host,
"fqdn": #fqdn,
"function": #function,
"region": #region,
"runtime": #runtime,
"appID": #appID,
"rule": #rule,
"message": #message,
"forensics": #forensics,
"accountID": #accountID,
"cluster": #cluster,
"labels": #labels,
"collections": #collections
Feel free to test your configuration with Send test alert.
Setup the alert channels and triggers to your liking and click Save.
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