Uptime & Heartbeat Monitors

Sysdig Outbound Integration

The iLert Sysdig Outbound Integration helps you to easily connect Sysdig with iLert.

In Sysdig

Copy API token

2. Go to Settings, then to User Profile. Write down your API Token. You will need it later in iLert.

In iLert

Create a Sysdig Connector and Link to alert source

1. Click on the gear icon and then on Connectors button

2. Click on Add Connector

3. Select Sysdig as type and fill in all fields. Enter a name, the API Token that you copied in the last step.

4. Go to the alert sources tab and open the alert source whose incidents you want to publish in Sysdig. Click on Incident actions and then on Create incident action.

5. Select Sysdig as the type, select the connector created in step 3, fill in all fields. In the Label field, specify the incident action name.

6. Optional: You can define tags and event filters. More information aber it you can find here: https://docs.sysdig.com/en/events.html‚Äč

7. Finished! You can now test the connection by clicking on the button Test this connection. Then a test event will be created in Sysdig.


Are updates for an incident adapted in the corresponding Sysdig Event?

Yes, the state of the iLert Incident is reflected in the brief description of the Sysdig event, eg [RESOLVED] Host compute.infra is DOWN.