Uptime & Heartbeat Monitors

Zapier Outbound Integration

User iLert as the trigger in Zapier and perform any action in Zapier for new or updated incidents in iLert.

In Zapier

Create a Zap

1. Go to Zapier and click on Make a Zap

2. On the next page, search for iLert trigger source and choose it:

3. In the section Trigger Event choose New or Updated Incident and click on the Continue button

4. On the next slide, choose your iLert account. Then click on the Continue button.

5. On the next slide, choose an alert source and trigger types e.g. Incident Created. Then click on the Continue button.

NOTE: you can't use an Zapier alert source here, as it will lead to an infinite loop

6. On the next slide, click on the Test Trigger button to see example data. Then click on the Continue button.

7. Now you can add any action available in Zapier, e.g. Jira to create a ticket on your Jira board


Why the Zapier connector is in my alert source?

Every time you create a Zap with an iLert trigger, the Zapier connector in iLert is created automatically for the alert source you selected in the trigger.