IXON Cloud Integration

IXON Cloud is an Industrial IoT platform for the advanced machine manufacturer with a tailor-made cloud platform for optimal remote service and applicable data insights.
This integration uses IXON's Cloud Notify to dispatch real-time notifiations from your machine(s) to ilert. That way, you can leverage ilert's alerting, scheduling and escalation capabiltites to send critical alerts from your machines to the right personnel and take immediate action.

In ilert - create IXON Cloud alert source

1. Go to the Alert sources tab and click on Create new alert source
2. Enter a name and select your desired escalation policy. Select IXON Cloud as the Integration type and click Save.
3. On the next page, an IXON Cloud URL is generated. You will need the URL for the webhook configuration below

Advanced routing configuration

By default ilert will route the alerts of your IXON alert source to the configured escalation policy. However if you need a more flexible routing for your IXON use cases you may use our advanced routing options.
You may choose the fields user id, system label or company id as dynamic routing fields. ilert will then extract the given value e.g. user id from the IXON event and search for an escalation policy that has a matching routing key.
Navigate to the escalation policy that you wish to route to and set its routing key to the IXON value:
Note that if no match for the routing key is found, ilert will fall back to using the configured escalation policy.

In IXON Cloud

Create ilert webhook

1. Navigate and login to Ixon Cloud Portal at
2. Click on the
icon on the top right of the dashboard to navigate to Messages
3. Click on the
icon on the top right of the dashboard and select Configure webhooks
4. Add the name of the webhook and the webhook url of the ilert alert source from above.

Setup alarm and alarm trigger

Now that the ilert webhook is configured, we're going to setup an alarm and alarm trigger to test the integration. Refer to this support article from the IXON documentation for information on how to setup alarms.
1. Navigate to Fleet Manager **** by clicking on the
icon on the top right and selecting
Fleet Manager
2. Go to Devices
and select the device that you need create an ilert alarm trigger for
3. If you haven't added any Data Source, add a Data Source. In the screenshot below, we chose Modbus
4. If you haven't added any variables, add them by clicking on the Variable under Data Source
5. Add Alarms by clicking on the Alarm Triggers and based on the alarm trigger, a message will be sent through Webhook and alerts will be created in ilert
6. Click [Push config to device] in the top right corner for your changes to take effect.
For more information on IXON Cloud, please refer to


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