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Cloudflare Integration
The iLert Cloudflare Integration helps you to easily connect iLert with Cloudflare.
Cloudflare allows you to set alert notifications to track DDoS attacks, billing usage and many more.
With iLert Cloudflare Integration, you can receive Cloudflare alert through iLert and easily extend Cloudflare functionality with SMS, push, voice, and iLert on-call schedules.

In iLert

Create an email alert source

    Go to Alert sources and click on Add a new alert source
    Enter a name and select an escalation policy
    Chose Email as integation type
    Enter an email address for the alert source, you will need this email below when setting up the notification in Cloudflare
    Save the email alert source

In Cloudflare

Create a notification

    Go to Cloudflare and then to Account Home
    On the next page, click on the Notifications tab and then on the Create button
    On the next page, choose an Event Type and then on the Next button
    On the next page, name the notification e.g. iLert, paste the email paste that you created in iLert and click on the Create button
Finished! Your Cloudflare notifications will now create alerts in iLert.


Will alerts in iLert be resolved automatically?
No, unfortunately Cloudflare is not sent resolution notifications.
Can I connect Cloudflare with multiple alert sources from iLert?
Yes, simply add more notification settings in Cloudflare.
Last modified 18d ago