Uptime & Heartbeat Monitors

Handling automated incoming voice calls

Turning legacy voice call alerts into actionable incidents is a breeze with iLert's call routing number solution.

After your call routing number has been setup, you can choose the Voicemail only mode option to skip the routing and greeting configuration and strictly send incoming calls to the Voicemail. When choosing this mode, the first routing option will always be selected as escalation policy to escalate the related incident.

We suggest leaving the voicemail greeting empty, this way the voicemail will immediately start to capture the caller's audio message and prevent the loss of any audio or transcription data in case your voice call system instantly starts with its playback.

In case the message is detected to be english, a transcription, as well as the audio itself, will be appended to the incident in iLert.

You may also like to trigger further external tools based on incoming call routing incidents.